Racket customization

We specialize in racket customization. There are different options when customizing, we can customize your racket by adding art only or we can remove old designs and make a new one. Also, we can put more holes in your racquet and fix small cracks. All our jobs are finished with our signature OwnBT-Treatment to protect the design and give full spin to your racket. Let us know your needs, let’s make your Own racket!

Our OwnBT-Treatment its very durable and gives lots of spin to your racket plus it protects it. We have been making and improving this treatment for over 5 years with great results.

Luis A. Lafontaine

Your Racket Customization

To customize your racket, you will need to send us a message with all your requirements and photos of your racquet. After that we make a mockup and a quotation and confirm it whit you. When confirmed and pay you can bring your racket to our meeting spot or send it to our address. We will confirm when we have your racket, and we are ready to start the job. Racket customization can take 1 to 4 weeks depending on the job.

This are our base prices; we will send a custom quotation after receiving pictures and requirements.

  • OwnBT-Treatment $40
  • Stickers on both sides $60
  • Sticker $40
  • Side line $10
  • One color Paint $30
  • Multi color Paint $50
  • Old design removal $40
  • Holes $30
  • Handmade art $80
  • Small crack fixing $30


Our treatment is light and durable, we use carbon and crystal to add the roughness needed and maintain a light weight.

Handmade Art

Handmade art can be done to any part of your racket, one of our artists will send a quote after receiving your requirements.


Your racquet can be painted any color you want, simple colors add less weight as they require less paint. Painting a racquet that already have a design will recure “Old design removal”


We use especially thin stickers to add the less weight possible and to preserve the racquet feel. It will approximately add 10g weight if added a full sticker in both sides. Stickers can be added on the flat surfaces of your racket.


Holes on your racket can take out some weight plus it makes it more aerodynamic. In some rackets it may add some bounciness that’s why we don’t recommend adding too many holes or holes in the middle of your racket. To add holes your racket must not be cracked. Remember holes are permanent, add hole at your own risk.

Small crack fixing

Small cracks can be fixed to make a new design