Luis A.

Beach Tennis is one of the best sports to train, the sand will make you work harder but its softer on the knees. Great cardio with low impact.



Learn Beach Tennis from Trainer Luis Lafontaine (Lafo). He offers training at the beach for groups and for single players. Every level is welcome. BEACH TENNIS is the most fun sport to practice, and at the same time it is excellent exercise for your body. Being in the sand, it has a low impact on the joints in addition to increasing cardiovascular resistance, which makes it perfect for all ages. Whatever your category, training is necessary to improve technique and physical condition. Reserve your space!

Lessons: Beginners, Intermediate, Advance, Pro 

Singles Playing Lesson $60 1h- 1 Player

Doubles Playing Lesson $75 1h- 3 Players

Singles Playing Lesson $40 30min- 1 Player

Private Lesson $80.00pp 1h

2 Player Lesson  $45pp 1h

3 Players Lesson 35pp 1h

4 Players Lesson $40pp 1h

6 Players Lesson $25pp

Court Rental $50 – 1h 30min